Are you a New Mommy in Central Alberta? Register today for our next Pre or Post-Natal Program! Mommy Connections Red Deer offers modern 8-week pre and post-natal programs to new and expectant mamas in Central Alberta. With weekly Expert Presenters who cover topics ranging from Baby Wearing styles to Maintaining Your Relationship after Baby, we make that first post-partum year a lot less stressful and a lot more fun. Connect with other new moms. Share your stories and advice. Learn from the pros. And remember that we're all in this together!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What is Mommy Connections?

Once a week, the new mamas in my pre and post-natal program meet to talk with local experts on a variety of topics, discussing our concerns, asking questions, and learning things about pregnancy, new motherhood and infant development that we have never even thought about needing to know. I have had three of my own babies, went through nursing school, and have worked as a nurse for 6 years - and I learn new things every time. I'm by no means trying to imply that I'm an expert - but what I am trying to say is that the whole reason for this group is to learn things from people that we never would have known that we needed to learn in the first place.  And if I come away with new things, then my hopes are that the other mamas are learning things, too.

I'm all about support systems for a new mother. That first year is such a roller-coaster of emotions - we're so excited that the baby has been born, sad that the baby bump is gone (sort of), happy that we now have this wonderful little being to care for and love, upset when the baby is upset, learning about what undying love for a child is, wondering if we're doing it right - questioning, questioning, questioning. This is where I want Mommy Connections to come in. There are so many wonderful resources and knowledgable people in our community who want to be a part of this program, because they too think that post-partum support is so important - and I am so proud to be doing this for so many reasons. I can't even count how many times I've been told by mothers that they wish there had been a Mommy Connections around when they had their babies, and I always respond with, "Me, too". The support, the opportunity to learn, connect and share with other new moms is truly invaluable.

So please help us spread the word about our programs! If you know of a new or expectant mama in Central Ab, send her to seek out Mommy Connections. We have never had anyone say, "Well that's a dumb idea"..... and we really think it's an outstanding idea. We want to help be that village that it takes to raise a child!

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